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Body Transformations - Intense Personal Training - Phoenix


Are you sick and tired of being overweight?!


The Jason Smith body transformation program is an intense six-week regimen designed for serious individuals looking to make a significant change in their body and ultimately their life! Each transformation session is 30 minutes in duration. During your 6-week experience, you will go through a multitude of different training protocols to keep the body changing toward your end- transformation goal. Every transformation session is heart rate directed by a Polar monitoring device ensuring the individual is in the correct training zone to maximize fat burn and improve fitness. In addition to these intense workout sessions, each participant is required to engage in cardiovascular activities and maintain a healthy eating style for the duration of the six weeks (cardio and eating plan included).

This program includes:

  • 1 assigned weight loss coach / fitness trainer for the 6-week duration
  • 2, 3 or 4 training sessions a week (depending on program choice/goals)
  • goal setting
  • 6-week nutrition plan with daily monitoring logs
  • weekly log review and feedback
  • weekly weigh-ins
  • personalized 6-week transformation events calendar
  • body fat analysis
  • before / after photos
  • before / after measurements
Designed primarily for weight loss with light muscle shaping and toning.
Designed for both weight loss and muscle building. Three days of resistance training allows for more body sculpting.
Designed for maximum results. Four days of resistance training combined with the weekly assigned cardiovascular training torches body fat while building lean muscle.

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