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Body Transformations
6 weeks of intense personal
training and nutritional counseling.

If you currently train with your personal trainer for hour sessions, ask yourself this question. Does your hour long session start with a 15-20 minute warm-up and finish with a 5-10 minute cool-down? If it does, you're not getting 1-hour workouts...you're getting 30 minutes for the price of an hour.

All Jason Smith Fitness training programs are 30 minutes in length. You don't get charged for your warm-up because that's done before your 30-minute personal training session.

All JSF clients are advised to come in 10-15 minutes prior to their session start time for their warm-up. This allows us to maximize the 30 minutes towards achieving your goals.

Please read Jason's philosophy on The 30-Minute Workout.

The Hottest Fitness Trend for 2014!

Jason Smith started his personal training career in Galveston, TX in 1990. He received his personal fitness training certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) while serving in the United States Air Force. Jason spent over ten years in the military and during his military service he trained part-time for several major fitness clubs throughout the Phoenix area such as LA Fitness, Pure Fitness and Bally's Total Fitness. Training for these health clubs was an eye-opening experience for Jason. It was these experiences that led him to purchase and operate his own personal training studio, which is located in central Phoenix.

Jason's passion and expertise is in weight loss/fat reduction. He created a 12-week body transformation program in 1999 that significantly changed body composition by decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle through proper nutrition and exercise. His transformation program produced amazing results with average weight loss in the area of thirty to forty-five pounds per client in just twelve weeks.

In January of 2014, nearly 15 years after creating his 12-week program, Jason introduced his new 6-week program. The original 12-Week Body Transformation program had undergone a transformation of its own. With new diet strategies and training protocols, his new 6-week transformation program is achieving results that his 12-week clients experienced.


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Jason Smith Fitness has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals, with their muscle building clients gaining up to sixteen pounds of solid muscle and their weight reduction clients losing as much as 60% of their total body fat percentage in just twelve weeks or less.


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