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H.I.I.R.T. Circuit

(High Intensity Interval Resistance Training)



Twice the workout...half the time!

What is HIIRT you ask! High Intensity Interval Resistance Training. Our HIIRT circuits are an intense form of interval training. They involve intermittent sets of resistance exercises (anaerobic) with cardio and core movements (aerobic). These workouts are fast-paced circuits that are not only time-efficient, but also highly effective with fat loss and muscle shaping. Twice the workout...half the time!

How intense are these HIIRT sessions? These 30-minute sessions are action-packed with numerous sets of aerobic/anaerobic exercises. Fast, Intense and Effective!


What To Expect From Our HIIRT Circuits

  • This is a highly effective Interval / Circuit Training workout routine that alternates between a series of aerobic and resistance training exercises.
  • Aerobic exercises include; treadmill, spin bike, calisthenics and many more creative cardio routines.
  • Resistance training exercises include; free weights (barbells and dumbbells), machines, resistance bands, sandbags, heavy ropes, medicine balls, and more.
  • A boxing timer is used to facilitate the start and stop of each station.


HIIRT Circuit Training Schedule

6:00AM-6:30AM   6:00AM-6:30AM   6:00AM-6:30AM