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Group Body Transformation - Intense Personal Training - Phoenix

8-Week Group Transformation

What will you look like in 8 weeks?!


Weight loss / body sculpting


We've created a program that includes more than just eating right and exercise. It includes a support system that is composed of participants just like you. Participants that want to lose weight. Participants that want to be healthy. This program not only holds you accountable to yourself, but to other members of your unit with the same goal!

During the 8-Week FIIT Camp you will learn how to make healthy eating choices, log and track calories, use proper exercise form, and ultimately live a healthier lifestyle to keep the weight off for GOOD! You will learn how to build, shape and tone your body through the proper use of dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, physio balls, bosu balls, suspension training and much more.

Each session is packed with resistance training, functional training, core strengthening exercises and cardio that will keep your body burning calories for hours after your session has ended. These additional after-burn calories are the result of your body's process to return itself back to the state it was in prior to the exercise taking place. This is referred to as the "Afterburn Effect" or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Effect (EPOC).

Your unit's heart rate and performance will be tracked through a new state of the art group monitoring system called Polar GX. This heart rate monitoring system ensures that each participant is in the correct training zone to maximize fat burn and improve fitness, which enables your instructor(s) to effectively and safely train you towards your 8-week potential.


This program includes:

  • three 60 minute workout sessions per week
  • 8-week nutrition plan with daily monitoring logs
  • weekly group weigh-ins
  • weekly log review and feedback
  • body fat analysis
  • before / after photos
  • before / after measurements

*Call 602.297.3448 to enlist in the 8-Week Group Transformation*

Our Phoenix Personal Trainers are committed to improving your health and physical appearance.